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Garbage Tour Dates

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Welcome to Garbage Disco

Your one stop for all of your Garbage needs, we have all the latest Garbage tour dates, releases in our discography and a news archive which dates back to the bands formation!

Garbage News
'Shirley Manson live at Kew Gardens, London 2019
Photography by Marianne Brits-Strodl

Garbage tour dates

We have documented every Garbage concert since their first in 1995, our set lists have been curated from hardcore fans in attendance, soundboard & audience recordings or direct access to the crew, this has helped us become the only real reliable source for Garbage set lists online today. Our set lists are often updated live or immediately after the show has finished.

Garbage Concerts

Garbage Discography

Our discography has been maintained since 1996. Every Garbage album, single and EP is listed, we list both commercial and promotional releases from all over the planet, many of which have never been issued, even to the press.

Within our own collection we have over 4,500 items. Due to the vast number of releases will still have to document there will be a major update in the coming months, our entire discography will be re-written and categorised from the ground up.

Garbage Discography