Garbage Disco Box →

The most up-to date news site on the internet with an archive dating back to 1995.

Garbage Discography →

If you're into collecting CD's and Vinyl or anything else for that matter then this is the place to check. Since 1999 the Garbage Discography has been the home of the most detailed information related to the World-wide back catalogue

Garbage Base →

One of if not the oldest Garbage website online. Launched in 1998 Garbage Base lists every single live apparance that the band have ever played. The site is stuffed full of set-lists and videos from the shows dating back to 1995.

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One of the best way to keep up to date with everything.

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Follow on Twitter for exclusive content not on any other channel. →

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YouTube →

There is very little there right now, but one day the channel will feature some real gems from the early days.

Trackwars →

All over the Summer of 2013 followers on Twitter and Facebook picked their favourite track daily in a knock out contest.

G League →

The G-League kicked off in October 2013 and put the albums up against each other twice twice a week on Twitter and Facebook.